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Cameleon based Live Streaming Apps and live streaming software for Mac and PC were installed over 1 million times and recommended on Facebook by over 31K developers, companies and individuals.

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Thinking about building your own Live Streaming service like Twitch or Periscope?
You'll need a scalable media server and a robust app / software source code

Wowza Streaming Engine is the gold standard of customizable streaming server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale. Live Streaming Apps built with Cameleon are the most popular, customizable livestreaming apps for broadcasting live to RTMP media servers and major social networks:

Live Streaming Apps
Live Streaming Apps
Live Streaming Apps
Live Streaming Apps
Live Streaming Apps

Source Code

Building a decent live streaming app takes at least three months, even for a highly experienced iOS developer. Testing takes six months or more and requires a large user base. A long and unpredictably costly process with risky and hard-to-predict outcome. Cameleon offers all the above, for a very attractive price.

  • Well built, proven and time-tested since 2014
  • Installed over 1 Million times (try app)
  • Built with latest Xcode and Swift 5.0.
  • Popular, customizable live streaming apps
  • RTMP Live Streaming to any media server
  • YouTube, Facebook, Weibo built-in
  • Presets and advanced features
  • Augmented Reality (AR) ready via 3rd party; 3D, lens, masks, filters

The average cost for developing apps for iPhone ranges between $10-20K for a simple, and goes well above $40K for a more complex app. Based on previous experiences, a typical live streaming app will take ~600 hours until somewhat production ready.

It is surely better to start from an existing project (a reliable source) instead of paying someone to create the same. Continuing a well established project saves development time, avoids unforeseen obstacles and months of testing. With five years of success and over one million downloads, Cameleon offers the most solid start-point for your livestreaming apps for one, relatively low price of 600 hours.*we accept BTC and USD (Transfer or Escrow)

Less than 0.01% crashes during 2018 & 2019 @AppStore. Clean code, well structured, no mess.

iOS Source Code

Easily adapt and extend a well-tested and proven solution, instead of risking time and money for re-creating the same structures

  • Live streaming apps Xcode project
  • Clean code, well structured, no mess
  • Built with latest Xcode and Swift 5.0
Save Time & Money

Building and testing your own live streaming solution will take roughly 600 hours of work. And the results aren't always guaranteed

  • Save months with a proven solution
  • Five years of R&D for one, low price
  • Lock development cost, avoid failure
Know-How & Support

Our development team gained enormous amount of knowledge and skills, including awareness of leading livestreaming technologies.

  • Solutions, in-house tested libraries
  • 10 hours on-line support included
  • Extended support (up to 20h) optional
Rigorous Testing

Five years of success and over one million downloads. The most solid start-point for your livestreaming apps

  • Live Apps was started in late 2104
  • Over 1 Million installed apps
  • < 0.01% crashes during 2018 (App Store)

Building a Live Streaming App

A social networking website and app that offers live chat, live video streaming and distribution will need at least: (1) Media Server or some sort of leveraging an existing live streaming service like YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch, etc. (2) Live Streaming App that enables users to broadcast live videos and (3) Quality of Service at start for offering an enjoyable user experience and user retention. Building a decent livestreaming app takes at least three months, even for a very experienced iOS developer. Testing and fine-tuning takes additional six months and needs a large user base, even during testing phases.

Media Server

Wowza Streaming Engine is reliable streaming, no matter the device, scale, or network condition. Robust, customizable, and scalable server software that powers reliable video and audio streaming to any device. See full technical specifications.

  • The industry leader for live and on-demand streaming at any scale
  • Loaded with resources and tools for developers and builders
  • Built with a future-proof core architecture
  • Built to deliver pro-quality mobile, low-latency, VR, and 360° streaming experiences
  • See Wowza Streaming Engine Plans or Start your Free Trial

RTMP Live Streaming

RTMP is the protocol that maintains persistent connections and allows low-latency communication to deliver streams smoothly and transmit as much information as possible. RTMP is used by major social networks and media outlets for live video streaming. Any application that is properly set up and configured should be able to broadcast live video to these networks using a Stream URL and access credentials.

  • Facebook, YouTube, VLC, Weibo, Livestream, Nginx, Ustream, Codem, Pandora TV,, JwPlayer, Red5, Brightcove, Wowza, Dacast, Adobe Media Server and others are supported, some of these platforms being pre-configured e.g. Facebook and YouTube, others can be set up via RTMP.
  • Source Code

    Cameleon stands out with stability, video quality, ease of use, and zero maintenance costs. Many popular live streaming apps are based on this robust and proven source code. Installed over 1 Million times, Cameleon has been proven and time-tested since 2014. The project receives regular updates, latest built with Xcode 10.3 and Swift 5.0*Xcode 11 Beta with macOS app (Alpha). Standard features include RTMP live streaming, advanced video settings and network-specific presets. Broadcasting to major social networks, augmented reality (AR) filters and masks via 3rd party (built-in).


    Startups and developers creating their own live video-sharing platform, live chat, or any other idea based on live broadcasting, will save months of development (and possibly years of testing) by taking over and continuing from the robust solution offered by Cameleon. A typically long and unpredictably costly process, with risky and hard-to-predict outcome, can be shortened with at least 600 hours. Instead of paying $10-40K, start with the complete source code for a very low price (1-6 BTC)*request price here


    Our development team gained enormous amount of knowledge and skills, including awareness of leading and emerging technologies. We can help startups with recommendations about extending, possibilities, and limitations to avoid. Every sale includes 10 hours on-line support that can be extended with additional 20 hours of paid support at base hourly rate.

    Live Broadcaster (AIR version)

    Cameleon Center is a local media server (and media player), preconfigured to seamlessly connect with Live Broadcaster and handle transcoding, connection and communication for delivering livestreams to the network of choice. Cameleon Center is free software that also offers advanced server settings, monitoring and logging for Cameleon-based desktop apps.

    Live Broadcaster (AIR) Alpha is a broadcasting software for Mac and Windows. Built before our current live broadcasting solutions, it works with your built-in camera, webcam, USB camera, IP camera and some other audio/video inputs on both desktop and laptop. This project was built with Adobe AIR and due to the platform, it has its limitations. Check out Live Broadcaster for Mac (native) below for the new, future-proof, native builds of Live Broadcaster. Live Broadcaster (AIR) is available on GitHub as open-source project, alternatively, app downloads for Windows and Mac builds are available for a low price but be aware: Alpha software can be unstable, cause crashes and may not contain all features planned for final version. Also, Adobe support for AIR will be discontinued in 2020 and possibly we will never finalize this project, instead we're focusing on and recommend Live Broadcaster for Mac (native).

    Supported Cameras / Devices: Cameleon works with your laptop’s built-in camera, most web cameras, USB cameras and IP cameras. Camera inputs may be limited by supported camera resolutions. Live BroadcasterAlpha recognizes most iSight, FaceTime and FaceTime HD cameras on Mac, and thousands of built-in webcams on PCs. Missed camera modes are being added regularly however, buggy UPnP may interfere with the software's capabilities of recognizing the video input.

    Live Broadcaster for Mac (native)

    The all new Live Broadcaster is coming to Mac, early 2020, bringing all the latest features of Live PRO to your desktop. After we received the expected news at WWDC 2018, that we'll be able to get our iOS apps working on Macs, we focused on bringing all the great features of Live Streaming Apps to the Mac App Store and to your computers. The apps share the same project and source code, so we can efficiently convert the iPad app’s desktop-class features. "The newly created Mac app runs natively, utilizing the same frameworks, resources, and runtime environment as apps built just for Mac. Fundamental Mac desktop and windowing features are added, and touch controls are adapted to the keyboard and mouse." Read more about Bring Your iPad App to Mac.