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Facebook live app with live stream for YouTube and other social networks, simultaneous livestream, multi-network broadcasting

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Live, the best live streaming app

"Easy, simple and extremely powerful. The absolute must-have for everyone working with social media. It saves you a tremendous amount of time and has more features than you'll ever need."

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Not your average live streaming app!

Live streaming to Facebook AND YouTube AND other social networks AND media servers.
Broadcast from iPhone, iPad AND both Windows AND macOS. Stream live video using your built-in camera AND any USB camera AND GoPro AND most IP cameras. AND does all this without a monthly fee AND you can even get it for free. - cameleon.live


Facebook Live / YouTube Live

Stream live to Facebook and Youtube simultaneously or start your livestream and turn on/off networks on the fly.


Streaming for iPhone / Livestream App

Streaming live from your iPhone or iPad and looking for a desktop solution, don't look further, Cameleon works on both Windows and Mac.


GoPro live stream / Live Cams

Need to use multiple cameras, your GoPro or the security camera mounted above your window? No problem, Cameleon works with most cameras.

Live Broadcast App
Livestreaming Power & Simplicity

Over the past few years we created powerful broadcasting products for various needs and now we're combining them all into one, minimalistic live streaming software.

  • Broadcast to major Social Networks
  • Broadcast to RTMP Media Servers
  • No configuration, zero complication
  • iOS | macOS | Windows
Designed for everyone

Live webcam or streaming for iPhone, out of your pocket. Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming simultaneously. Broadcasting software for Mac and Windows. Works with your WebCam, USB camera, GoPro, IP camera, your laptop, your iPhone, you iPad, you name it.

  • Multi camera Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming with Windows/Mac
  • Live Streaming with iPad/iPhone
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Live Streaming App
The future is here

2017 will change the Internet

Facebook gives live videos the prime placement, YouTube is dedicated to live streaming and Tumblr is getting into live broadcasting. The newest thing about social media, live streaming is having it's moment.

Go Live with YouTube and Facebook Live and broadcast to the largest audiences in the world.

Free live streaming, Live for Facebook broadcaster.
Live for YouTube and Streaming for iPhone.

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iPhone / Mac

Pick the best option for you

Cameleon was designed to meet the requirements of both newcomers and live broadcasting professionals. We also thought about those who can't afford to financially support their hobby.

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  • Facebook Live (soon)
  • YouTube Live
  • Win/Mac/iOS
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Do good and enjoy!

  • Facebook Live (soon)
  • YouTube Live
  • Win/Mac/iOS
  • Simultaneous streaming
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